An In-depth Look At Apple’s Latest Offerings

Yes, I am a self confessed Apple fan-boy and when these events and subsequent updates come around – I can’t help but get excited. Sure, this wasn’t one of the eagerly anticipated September throw downs, but the store going offline and the promise of something new from the guys at Apple is definitely enough to get my fan-boy juices flowing.

So with that in mind, we’re going to have a quick run through of exactly what Apple have brought to the table this week. Personally, I love to see updates to existing products – even if it is just under the hood tech stuff. But I can appreciate there are those of you out there who criticize Apple if the device at hand doesn’t have a complete design overhaul or an entirely new product isn’t brought to the table. If you’re one of those then this run down probably isn’t for you.

Red iPhone 7

This was undoubtedly the most talked about update of the week. Apple have released a new RED, yes, red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. The models will be available in the usually 128GB and 256GB options and will be priced the same as the current range $749/$849 and $869/$969 respectively.

The model is being released as some what of an anniversary edition to mark the 10 year anniversary of Apple working with the RED aids charity. A portion of the sale will be donated to the charity also. So it does have somewhat of a feel good factor about it and even Apple cannot get away with solely launching a new color phone unless it’s tied in with something like this.

In terms of the spec, it’s the same iPhone 7 we all know and love. It’s just red. That’s it.

9.7” iPad

This one was more interesting for me personally as I am considering upgrading my iPad and the new 9.7” version sounds like just the ticket. It comes with the new A9 chip as standard and has a beautiful retina display. It has however come at a price as it has replaced the much-loved iPad Air 2. Although there has been talk of Apple discontinuing their “Air” range across the board.

The new model starts at $329 for the 32GB version through to $429 for the 128GB – so very affordable in comparison to other products in the range of even those of Apple’s competitors. Obviously at this price is lacks a lot of the features of its professional counterpart, the iPad Pro – no pencil or smart keyboard support for example. But if all you’re looking for is a tablet to compliment your other devices, as I am. The new iPad is perfectly sufficient.

iPhone SE Storage Doubled

This one is pretty self explanatory. The previously available 16GB and 64GB version of the budget iPhone SE have had their memory doubled to 32GB and 128GB respectively. “No 64GB version” was a gripe many had when the iPhone SE originally came into the market but thankfully this has now been addressed. You can pick up these modes for $449 and $499 depending on your preference which is a lot to pay for what is effectively a budget version – but not everyone has the funds on tap to purchase a $700 smart phone.

iPad Mini 4

Another popular release in the technosphere is that of the iPad Mini 4 which has lead to the iPad Mini 2 being discontinued. This new offering basically offers more capacity for the same price boasting 128GB on the WiFi model for just $399 – You only got 32GB for this price previously – so quite a jump in the disk space stakes.

You can purchase the new iPad Mini 4 in the usual Apple colors of silver, gold and space grey. Next day shipping is also available right off the bat.

Enough to Appease

Whilst in the grand scheme of thing, a new color phone and some internal memory and drive upgrades are not going to set the world alight it is nice to know that Apple are not solely cashing in by churning out new model after new model. They do care about their existing product line and keeping those models updated and fresh goes some way to appease those who jump on th anti-Apple bandwagon who think they’re just out to rip off their customers at every opportunity. This is not the case, they’re a commercial outfit who is out to make money, sure. But that doesn’t mean they’re not bringing innovative technology to the table at every opportunity. Both via old and new devices.

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