The Best Television Sets of 2017

Finding the perfect television set for your needs can be something of an intimidating concept for some people, particularly if you’re not very technologically savvy. There’s so much new technology and dozens of new acronyms out there that can easily make things quite confusing.

Now that we’re firmly in 2017, it’s worth noting that the hottest current piece of television technology is probably the ultra HD solution, which claims to offer about four times the resolution you’d expect from a typical HD television. However, here, we’re going to look at some of the best TVs in the HD segment for those who want to buy a gadget that they can afford, without having to compromise on great imagery.

1. The Samsung KS9500 Series

These bright and beautiful televisions do a wonderful job showing off the true beauty of HD content. Samsung was one of the first brands to introduce televisions that were capable of showing of high-definition range pictures during 2015. Now, it’s built on that achievement with the introducing of the brightest TV the world has ever seen.
The brightness of the Samsung KS9500 series means that it’s well equipped to unlock all the opportunities of HDR, delivering plenty of dramatic, dynamic, and lifelike pictures that contain more color information and detail than ever before. The set also includes plenty of LED lighting to help you adjust the brightness so that you can get beautifully deep black colors alongside brightness.

2. The LG OLEDE6 Series

The latest series of LG OLEDEG solutions from LG combine incredible contrast with a beautifully thin design and great sound. The slim picture on glass technique for design in LG televisions helps to create some beautiful televisions. However, these devices are more than just nice to look at. Each pixel in the OLED solution comes with its own light and color, which means that you get a level of contrast you can’t get anywhere else.

Deep black colors automatically blend perfectly with bright whites and other vivid colors in these incredible sets, and there’s no hint of bleeding, which is something that just isn’t possible with other LCD technology. This means that you get an experience unlike anything else.

3. The Panasonic DX802 Series

Though it’s quite cheaply priced, the DX802 televisions combine an incredible picture with a great design. These televisions are just a single rung below the flagship televisions for 2016, and they’re strikingly priced at a great low-cost level. These televisions combine a 12-speaker external sound bar system with UHD screens and support for high range dynamic playback.

There’s also a unique design appeal for these televisions that include two silver legs that are similar to easels, which you can use to rest the sound bar in between. You can also take the screen away from the legs to place it against the wall if you’d like.

4. The Sony W805/809C Series

An incredible range of fully HD televisions from Sony, this collection proves that you don’t always need a 4K resolution to get great picture quality. It’s hard to find many big-screen TVs today that don’t have an UHD resolution, however, there are a lot of customers out there who simply don’t want to spend the extra on these kind of screens. The Sony W805/809C series is perfect for achieving this no-compromise outcome.

This series introduces some of the most incredible picture quality you’ll ever see in the HD world, without forcing you to pay through the nose for a set that you simply can’t afford. Although it might be useful for the Android interface to be a little sleeker and more customizable, it’s still a great set for most people.

5. The Samsung KS7000 Series

Finally, another solution offered by Samsung, this series combines incredible value with top of the range HDR picture quality. The Samsung desire to deliver HDR to a wider audience can be seen in the KS7000s, which deliver plenty of color vibrancy and dynamism with HDR sources that are ultimately amazing.

The sets are incredibly pretty to look at too, thanks to their slim and shiny metallic frames, and their tiny minimalist feet. The design is also kept relatively free of cables by the use of an external box that helps to offer sound and picture through one cable.

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