About Me

Ah, where to start. Well as you can no doubt summarize from my domain name, my name is Todd and I’m an avid technology enthusiast. My interests are broad, hardware, software, web technologies, you name it, it interests me. If I had to pick one area in particular that particularly intrigues me it would have to be retro technology. Anything from the 70’s, right through to the early 90’s is of a major interest. But I do like (and cover) modern stuff too as you’ll find from my postings.

As for me personally, I work as network manager for a plastic manufacturing company. That might not sound particularly interesting but the company has a 200 node network which I solely administrate which keeps me quite busy. I know nothing about plastic πŸ™‚

That’s about it. I work with computers, head back to my apartment and read about computers. I also do quite a bit of web design and development (as a hobby, not professionally) although you’d doubt that from the look of my blog πŸ™‚ So if there is anything you’d like to know or just want to chat then hit me up on Twitter, FB or even drop me an e-mail.